10 Deliciousest and Delicious Indonesian Cuisines, Which Is Your Favorite?

Best Campus – Tasting various cuisines in Indonesia of course will be endless. This is because Indonesia consists of several regions in which there are many special foods that you can taste. In this review will be discussed some types of typical Indonesian food that you should try, here is a review.  11 Recommendations of Indonesian Specialties with Good Taste

Indonesia is a paradise of good food, you know. The following eleven Indonesian specialties have been recognized by local and foreign foodies.

1. Rendang

Rendang is a typical Indonesian food that comes from the city of Padang. For those of you padang rice lovers, of course, it will often be to find this one typical food. Indonesian cuisine is one of the delicious cuisines that are also favored by foodies both from within the country and internationally. Beef that is processed to become rendang must certainly be for you to try.

2. Satay


Who doesn’t love this Indonesian cuisine? Meat that is burned and served with peanut seasoning will certainly arouse your appetite. In addition, in Indonesia itself there are several types of satay that are famous and much in demand by the community. Call it chicken satay, goat satay field to typical Balinese lilit satay that has a delicious taste.

3. Meatballs

Meatballs are one of the 10 most delicious foods in Indonesia. This is not entirely wrong, for those of you who are in cold weather, of course, you also want to eat good warm food. Well, for that you can also try meatballs with spicy sambal as an alternative.

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4. Soto

Food that has yellow sauce is a typical food in Indonesia. This is because every region in Indonesia has its own special soto. Like Lamongan chicken soto that contains chicken meat with fresh yellow gravy and a sprinkling of koya. Or you can also try soto betawi which contains beef and bihun and yellow thick gravy complete with emping that will make you more tasteful to eat.

5. Fried Rice

This special food from Indonesia is often used as a breakfast menu in Indonesian families. This is because of course the way to make it simple and easy to make this one food become one of the favorite foods in Indonesia.

6. Pempek

If you stop by Palembang, be sure to try palembang pempek which has a very distinctive taste. Indonesian cuisine made from fish meat and flour is usually served with a very typical gravy sauce. For the shape of the pempek also various, ranging from submarines that contain eggs and there are also lenjer packers in the form of oblong.

7. Gudeg

Foods that have a sweet taste will often be encountered when visiting Jogja. There are several variants available for this gudeg, including dry gudeh, wet gudeg and solo gudeg that you can taste. Make sure you try it.

8. Rawon

This typical East Java culinary is also one of the cuisines that you can try. Although it has a jet black color texture, but you also need to try this delicious rawon. The black color produced by rawon itself is made of kluwek and for its filling usually consists of tender beef.

9. Chicken Opor

This one dish will certainly be often encountered when you are in the moment of eid. Dishes made from the main ingredients of coconut milk and chicken will certainly arouse your appetite. You can also later consume it with slices of lontong and sambal for those of you who like spicy food.

10. Indomie

The boarding child will definitely be very familiar with this one food. Indomie is an instant noodle native to Indonesia that has been famous to several countries in the world. This is because the typical spice contained in instant noodles will make you want to try it. Plus the typical smell that will be smelled when making it will make your stomach hungry instantly.